Vehicle Finance

We all experience times in our lives where we need to purchase a vehicle quickly and smoothly. But unfortunately, we don’t always have the right funds available at the right time.

With a huge variety of finance options available, at My Loanz, we will help you secure the right type of loan to help you get the vehicle you need, faster.

Here are some examples of the many types of vehicle financing options available:

  • Hire purchase – just like a rent-to-buy, where a lender purchases a vehicle and hands it over to you in exchange for regular payments. After a certain period of time has passed, you then have the option of purchasing the vehicle outright
  • Chattel mortgage – a lender purchases a vehicle and hands it over to you, while you pay them back in agreed-upon instalments
  • Finance lease – a lender remains the official owner of a vehicle, but you are allowed to use the vehicle as if it were completely your own

No matter your situation, we can help you find the right type of vehicle finance to suit your unique circumstances. Contact us today.